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Matthew Orlando

912 S. Emerald Dr.

Key Largo, FL 33037

Phone – (305) 304 - 4956

Personal Statement:

I was raised in the beautiful Florida Keys. A relaxed attitude was quickly

picked up in such a location, but my hard-working one had to be striven for.

Skills (2+ years experience) :

Software: Maya (versions 7 - 2008), Adobe Photoshop (versions 7 - CS3), Adobe Illustrator CS2 & CS3, Corel Painter IX

Other: Digital Photography, traditional drawing, self-taught guitarist

Familiar With:

Software: 3D Studio Max 8, Adobe Flash, Unreal Editor, ProTools

Programming: Actionscript 2.0

Other: Traditional photography, basic animation

Additional Knowledge and Personal Information:

  • I hold a strong interest in architecture and have studied the subject personally.

  • Willing and prepared to relocate

  • I possess a durable work ethic, devotion to punctuality, and distinct memory.


2009 B.F.A Interactive Design and Game development Savannah College of Art and Design

© Matthew Orlando 2009